1. Strong Families

A job, a home, your finances under control, a safe neighbourhood to live in, a secure retirement and a few of life’s small pleasures (going on holiday, getting your hair done, going out to dinner). These all contribute to healthy families. Family First believes public finances should be diverted from expensive (high taxing) governments to families. When we say families, we include extended families - mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, grandchildren.

2. Strong Values

Values are the foundation of a nation. Family First believes in the importance of values. Values like telling the truth, living within your means, hard work, respect, courtesy, compassion, courage, generosity. But when we see cronyism, wastefulness, backstabbing, price gouging by government agencies (water prices, power prices, land prices) and politicians spending millions of dollars on themselves while pensioners can’t afford to heat or cool their homes, we know there is a lack of values and a failure of leadership.

3. Strong Australia

Anything not based on economic reality is doomed to failure. Whether it’s farming, mining, tourism or small business, it is a truism that capital goes where it is made welcome and stays where it gets looked after. And whilst Australia is indeed blessed with abundant natural resources, Australia’s real wealth is not beneath the ground, it is between the ears! Family First believes property rights, free markets, voluntary arrangements and effective safety nets provide the best opportunity for Australia and Australians to prosper. A strong and prosperous nation builds up its infrastructure - roads, ports, power stations, airports and telecommunications. It also has strong defence capabilities and is able to afford the latest and best equipment for its defence forces. Australia needs a political party which understands business and how markets work; how and why investment decisions are made; how real jobs are created; and that ‘barriers to entry’ to getting a job causes unemployment.

4. Strong Kitchens

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There is no doubt politics in Australia is going through a very bad patch at the moment. Families are under pressure, values are deteriorating, Australia is getting weaker not stronger.

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Australian families deserve better. Australia deserves better.

Strong families, strong values, a strong Australia.

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